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Help on the Way would like to provide you with an easy way to design your own system and get a quote for that system.   Please fill out the form below and choose the components you would like in your new system.  When finished, click on the "Get Quote" button and a quote detailing all the items you have selected and a total price will be created.  If you would then like to purchase this system, you can call Help on the Way and refer to the Quote # that was created.
If you cannot build the type of system that you need, or you require more specific equipment, please call us. We can provide for all of your needs.
Due to the volatile market, prices change frequently.
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Note: Be certain the motherboard architecture matches the case.
Power Supply Upgrades
Note: Power Supply prices are as an add on to the cases, replacing the oem power supply.
CPUs       Quantity  
Note: Be certain that the cpu package type matches the motherboard (socket 478 vs. LGA 775)
Memory       Quantity  
Note: For 800 MHz fsb processors, use PC3200.
Video Cards
Note: We cannot list all available video cards here. If you do not see something that you want, just ask us.
Hard Drives       Quantity  
Note: Seagate Hard Drives all carry a 5 year warranty
Floppy Drives
CD and DVD Drives
Tape Backup Drives
Note: With a SCSI tape drive, make sure to pick a SCSI controller as well
SCSI and RAID Controllers
Note: There may be an additional charge for SCSI cables and terminators depending upon your configuration
SCSI Accessories
Adaptec SAS x 4 (SFF-8484) to SATA (4) cable     $45.00
Fast SCSI terminator - internal 50 pin active (needed for HP DAT drive)     $12.00
LVD SCSI Active Terminator - internal 68 pin     $24.00
LVD SCSI cable - internal for 2 devices     $16.25
LVD SCSI cable - internal for 4 devices     $21.50
Wide SCSI terminator - internal 68 pin active     $12.00
Zip Drive
Network Cards       Quantity  
Sound Cards
Note: We can get other monitor brands if you have a preference.
Enlight EN-8720 Hot Swap Module - 5 U160 SCSI drives in 3x5.25~ bays     $315.00
Enlight SAS 4 drive backplane for SR506     $119.00
IcyDock MB016-3CDF U320 SCSI hotswap 3 drives in 2 5.25 bays. 2 fans.     $220.00
IcyDock MB123-UK Internal USB hot swap drive bay. lock,fan fail/overheat alarm     $45.00
IcyDock MB912-3CPDF U320 SCSI hotswap bay. lock,fan fail/overheat alarm     $65.00
IcyDock MB912-AP ATA133 drive bay. lock,fan fail/overheat alarm     $33.00
IEEE 1394 PCI Firewire card     $20.00
Lava Computer PCI parallel port     $40.00
Promise SuperSwap 4600 SAS/SATA II 4 drive backplane     $305.00
Rackmount Rails for rackmount case     $61.00
Startech 3 drive (2 5.25" bays) SATA II Backplane     $99.00
Startech 4 drive (3 5.25" bay) SATA II Backplane     $120.00
Startech 5 drive (3 5.25" bay) SATA II Backplane     $145.00
USB 2.0 to IDE external drive case for 3.5" ATA/133 hard drive     $42.00
Note: The IcyDock drive bays are available in Black for an additional $5.
Power Protection
Note: Please save yourself a headache later and purchase power protection with your new system!
Microsoft Office 2007 Basic     $180.00
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional     $320.00
Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition     $245.00
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server w/ 5 clients     $750.00
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit     $145.00
Note: We can get any software. Just let us know what you need.
Note: We offer many different printers. Let us know what you need.
Maxell 120m DDS2 4mm DAT tape     $6.00
Maxell 125m DDS3 4mm DAT tape     $8.00
Maxell 4mm DAT cleaning cartridge     $5.50
Maxell 90m DDS 4mm DAT tape     $4.50
Maxell DDS4 150m 4mm DAT tape     $14.00
Seagate 20/40 Gb Travan40 Data Cartridge     $35.00
Note: We offer media of many types and brands. Let us know what you would like to see here.

Thanks for using this system!  If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please send them to hotw.help@pdng.com
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